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Kitten Reservation Info

Our kittens are reserved via Zelle or Venmo with a $100 deposit that goes towards your balance. You are then given a kitty contract, kitten care brochure, invoice and receipt of deposit, as well as weekly photos until pickup. Please ask for a veterinarian reference! Kittens will be bathed, have their nails trimmed, and teeth brushed on a weekly basis and shortly before departure.

We provide a TSA approved crate (we do not ship, but you are welcome to pickup and fly/drive back with your new baby), a new kitten care kit including some essentials as well as hard copies of records and emailed documentation. Kittens can be TICA and/or CFA registered upon request and will also go home with those certifications upon written request (pet ONLY).

Please text, call or email for any additional questions and to make arrangements for deposit. Cash or certified money order is the only tender acceptable at pickup. A receipt will be issued and also outlined in kitty contract.

If the kitten is up on our site, he/she IS available as we update daily.

We believe the relationship between pets and their owners is among life’s most special

experiences. For this reason, we interview all potential buyers before extending the

opportunity to purchase one of our kittens. Our kittens are reserved for purchase by

written agreement and deposit arrangements only.

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