About Us

We welcome you into our furry family! We can never resist the opportunity to help an animal in need. However, as new family members joined our household with allergic reactions more severe than the last, we had to strike a balance between our animal love and the things stopping us from snuggling our faces into the cute balls of fluff that were so frequently running through our home. Our search began! We were gifted our first Siberian Forest Cat, Henri. Never have I ever been able to snuggle with a cat and not break out in hives, let alone have a cat that would let me express such affection. Henri quickly became a fan favorite with friends and family members! So many people that we introduced Henri to, instantly fell in LOVE captivated by his beauty and charm. Our visitors came to realize their allergies were little to none around him. So many people either don't know such majestic beasts are in existence or don't know how to get their hands on one. 

We strive to find the most loving, affectionate, low fel d1 Siberians to add to our family. 

All cats and kittens are indoor only. Adults are fed a high quality high protein no carb Veterinarian formulated recipe. All are showered with snuggles & love on the daily. 

We do not make any guarantees with the exception of those clearly stated in out kitten contract.