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About Us

We welcome you into our furry family! We can never resist the opportunity to help an animal in need. However, as new family members joined our household with allergic reactions more severe than the last, we had to strike a balance between our animal love and the things stopping us from snuggling our faces into the cute balls of fluff that were so frequently running through our home. We are actually very "Pro-Adopt", but unfortunately, not everyone is able to adopt kittens that are not allergy friendly. Our search began! We were gifted our first Siberian Forest Cat, Henri. We had never been able to snuggle with a cat and not break out in hives, let alone have a cat that would let us express such affection. Henri quickly became a fan favorite with friends and family members! So many people that we introduced Henri to, instantly fell in LOVE captivated by his beauty and charm. Our visitors came to realize their allergies were little to none around him.We strive to find the most loving, affectionate, low fel d1 Siberians to add to our family. All cats and kittens are indoor only. Adults are fed a high quality high protein no carb Veterinarian formulated recipe. Please note we do feed raw to our adults. We believe that it adds to their general health and increases their longevity. Cats unique digestive system allows them to tolerate raw meats and digest raw bones. We do realize, however, that not all new owners can not/will not feed their new kitten that way, so we wean our kittens on to raw intially to give them the best start possible. We ask new kitten owners to select a wet food that they would like us to transition their kitten onto to ensure a smooth transition into their new home.  We do not condone a "kibble" diet and may refuse kitten placement if it is indicated that the kitten will be fed exclusively kibble. We have options available that are budget friendly, kind to the kitten's digestion, and are convenient to feed! These "Dry"  options will be outlined within the Food Guide we send to all of our new kitten guardians. All kittens are showered with snuggles & love on the daily. We work from home and spend our free time showering our kittens with love! We do not make any guarantees with the exception of those clearly stated in out kitten contract. 

Our Certifications

We are members of both TICA and CFA. 


Other things to note

Our Location

We are located near Conway, SC. For those not familiar with the area, we are about 40 minutes from Myrtle Beach, 3 hours from Charlotte, NC, 2 hours from Charleston, and 2 hours from Columbia. On a case by case basis we can meet at a location closer to you to make your travels more pleasant and less lengthy. We do not ship our cats/kittens. We encourage those not within driving distance to fly here and back with their new kitten. 

Hour of Operation

Phone calls:

10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday

9am-7pm Saturday-Monday

Texts, Emails, Online form:


Please allow a maximum of 24 hour turnaround.

While we raise our kittens in our home underfoot, we are almost always on the move. Whether that be feeding kittens, cuddling cats, bathing days, nail trimmings, vet visits, errand runs, website maintenance, our full time jobs, or just taking a breather... If you don't catch us via phone right away, please note we will do our best to return your call by the end of the business day. 

***Allow up to 24 hours for a return call if you call outside phone call hours***

We are a "Closed Cattery"

We  used to allow for potential owners and others to come into our home to see the kittens and their parents. However,  "one bad apple spoils the bunch" and between safety concerns with our physical safety and the health safety of our kittens as they grow, we are no longer offering this. We do, however, offer open communication, video chats, and google photo albums with weekly photos and videos of the growing kittens. We do not make exceptions but we are willing to work with you to make your experience as pleasant as possible!

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