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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Siberian Forest Cat?

SIberian cats were introduced to the United States in 1990. They have dog like demeanor and come in a variety of colors and personalities. Read more from CFA:

Also See for all things Siberian Cat related:

What makes Siberians Hypoallergenic? What does Hypoallergenic really mean?

The allergic reaction in the presence of cats is due to the cat's fel d1 protein levels. Siberian cats are believed to have as much as 10x less Fel D1 levels than traditional domestic cats. So while there is still the presence of these proteins, the allergy sufferer typically builds a gradual immunity to the minute allergens at levels that the body can build defenses to. This means in some cases, initial contact may result in a minor reaction. In our experience, within a week symptoms are little to none, with contact with a traditional housecat resulting in anaphylaxis. Hypo allergenic does not mean allergen free. It simply means the allergens are "low" (hypo) or under the normal amount to incite a reaction. It can also loosely translate to mean that your allergenic response with be lower or under the normal response in presence of a traditional cat
We make no claims in regards to allergen response. We offer fur samples as one means of testing your individual threshold. Testing for specific fel d1 levels is available and is at the buyers discretion and sole cost responsibility.

Do Siberians Shed?

2X year- depending on your home's temperature year round. This can fluctuate
See the below article for a complete synopsis of Siberians commonly asked questions about shedding, fel d1, and origination.

Do kittens come home up to date on all shots and deworming protocols?

Yes! All kittens go home with age appropriate Vaccinations and have undergone the regulated deworming scheduled starting from just 2 weeks of birth until their departure. Your Kitten will need a kitty exam once they arrive in your home to schedule their next visit. The next round of shots would Include a FVRCP booster and a RABIES shot. Please note these two Vaccinations should not be given simultaneously. Please read more below:

How many litter boxes will I need? How often to Scoop?

There should always be one more litter box available than the amount of cats in a household. So 1 kitten/cat = 2 litter boxes Some single kitten households do well with only one litter box, it varies by kitten and situation. Some prefer enclosed versus open, again varying by individual kitten. 
Litter Robot Info:  We LOVE our Litter Robot. We recommend this for both multi cat and single cat households. We use our favorite litter in this machine and it takes away the need to scoop and can sometimes take away the need for multiple litter.   

If you have a traditional box, we recommend scooping at least once a day. Our Siberians are very tidy and do not enjoy going in a dirty box.

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