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 Super cuddly and playful demeanor. Fed only the best high protein low carb non-gmo grain free foods possible. As their development both physically and mentally is the most important thing, they will not be available for homing until 12 weeks of age. Accepting deposits for placement. New kittens all come with a kitten care kit, everything you will need to get started on your furry adventure!

They will receive first sets of age appropriate recommended kitten inoculations. Parents and kittens live like the kings and queens they are in our home, exclusively, as such a breed should never be kept outdoors. Contact us today for more info

Fur samples available via standard mail ($20) for allergy checking as no guarantees are made- Siberians naturally have extremely low fel d1 levels- the allergy causing protein found in their saliva. The term Hypoallergenic is a term used to describe them.. Hypo- meaning "under" or "low". Please see more info regarding this and other Siberian Information in our "Resources" Page. 

Fluffy & Kooshka!

DOB June 2022

 Kittens of henri & orea

Our little babies are currently living like rockstars in their new homes!

DOB Oct 23rd, 2021


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